Unemployment insurance extension sought by Obama from Congress

Unemployment Insurance extension

The president also said that he likes the deal in the proposed congressional budget. United States President Barack Obama has said that while he does like the congressional budget deal that has been proposed, he is also hoping that Congress will allow an extension to unemployment insurance, which is rapidly closing in on its expiry date. The president made a number of statements of this sort when he met with a group of newly elected mayors. He spoke with the mayors from cities across the country on the subject of…

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Insurance news made as D.C. replaces its ousted commissioner

white house insurance news

After the sudden firing of the official in the District of Columbia, a new acting commissioner has been named. Following the surprising insurance news that occurred when William P. White, the previous commissioner in Washington D.C., was ousted, a new acting commissioner has now been named. This naming has occurred only days after the firing of the previous official. White was removed from his position the day after President Obama made his announcement of the fix that was going to be put into place for the problem regarding the cancelled…

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