Insurance news made by the goodwill of the internet community for bomb victim

Insurance News

Insurance NewsAn uninsured hero from the bombing in Boston has had his story go viral and people want to help.

The story of a man who lost both of his legs in the bombing at the Boston Marathon has started making insurance news, as the world discovered that despite his injuries, he was a part of the identification of the attackers.

The man’s name is Jeff Bauman, who is uninsured and who helped to I.D. the bombers.

The insurance news story went viral very quickly and the internet community responded with the intention to help this man who did not have the coverage he needed to pay for his two lost legs. Bauman is now considered by many to be a national hero as he assisted the authorities in identifying the attackers, who were still at large at the time. In fact, he said that one of the two attackers looked him directly in the eyes only a few minutes before the first explosion.

The insurance news circulated that Bauman did not have the coverage he required for his care.

This spurred a funding campaign that has been spreading to countries around the world, in Bauman’s honor. He is a part time worker at Costco who has intentions to return to school. He is among the tiny 1.9 percent of residents of Massachusetts who are not covered by a health plan.

Furthermore, Bauman’s friends started a crowdfunding page. The “Bucks for Bauman!” page has led insurance news headlines as the page has been swamped as people across the internet join together to help raise money to cover the surgery and medical expenses required following the loss of his legs.

The site first launched last Tuesday and is still making insurance news as, at the time of the writing of this article, it has already raised $331,726 through the generosity of 8,152 people. It is still seeking to reach one million dollars, but is very hopeful that this will be reached in order to offer him the assistance he requires for financial survival after having risen above his tragedy in order to do everything he could for his city and his country. The webpage pointed out that “Medical bills are going to start rolling in,” and that “every dollar counts.”

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