A Guide to Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

Self Employed Health Insurance

The self employed face obstacles and tackle challenges that those employed by others rarely think about…doing budgets, growing the business and, of course, health insurance.

Think about it…the cost of individual health insurance for the self employed has gone up substantially over the past decade and policies that used to cost somewhere around $100 a month can run upwards of $500 a month today. Not just that…co-pays and deductibles have gone up…covered services have gone down.

But there are options available that can help reduce the cost of health insurance for self employed, making one less problem that they have to deal with.

There are obvious answers that most self employed people have undoubtedly researched. For instance, if self-employment is recent from a job where the company provided health insurance benefits, COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is always an option. COBRA is a government implemented program that allows those workers and their family members who lose their health benefits due to the loss of a job, the opportunity to retain the very same benefits they had while employed. With COBRA, the security of keeping the benefits of health insurance while self employed is often enough to keep people going with their previous plans, despite the fact that the policy can cost up to 102 percent of the premium…more money than the user paid prior to their self employment.

Large health insurance companies (those that the run the hundreds of ads seen on television each week) offer the security of a large health insurance agency but the cost that goes with those policies can really shy people away when looking for health insurance for the self employed.

How about a couple of health insurance options for the self employed that are rarely explored? They exist as well.


When you’re looking at health insurance for the self-employed, and in 2014, health insurance as a national policy, nothing has garnered as much recent attention as Obamacare.

Much remains to be seen as to how Obamacare, also known as The Healthcare for America Plan, will require that all Americans have some form of healthSelf Employed Health Insurance insurance, or face a penalty come tax time. The government, in partnership with health insurance providers, will offer a variety of options, however the pricing has yet to be determined.

Online Providers

The other more recent option when to comes to finding quality, affordable health insurance for the self employed revolves around the rapid advancement of the technology age that we are currently living in. The Internet has offered up so many ways to search and price out health insurance for the self-employed. It has also given rise to smaller, more nimble and more price-conscious companies…health insurance businesses that have a myriad of options available when it comes to health insurance for the self-employed.

In the end, everything that we know about health insurance for the self employed, as well as those with jobs in small and medium sized business is in a state of flux because of The Healthcare for America Plan (Obamacare) which, when enacted, will go a long way in determining the best and most viable options.
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