Insurance news made by the goodwill of the internet community for bomb victim

Insurance News

An uninsured hero from the bombing in Boston has had his story go viral and people want to help. The story of a man who lost both of his legs in the bombing at the Boston Marathon has started making insurance news, as the world discovered that despite his injuries, he was a part of the identification of the attackers. The man’s name is Jeff Bauman, who is uninsured and who helped to I.D. the bombers. The insurance news story went viral very quickly and the internet community responded with…

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Insurance industry expected to react to Boston Marathon bombing

Insurance industry News

Bombing sends ripples throughout insurance industry The Boston Marathon was held in Massachusetts earlier this week and served as the scene for a gruesome attack that claimed the lives of three people and left over one hundred wounded. Three bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon fairly late into the event. U.S. officials are still investigating the event, hoping to unearth details leading to the apprehension of the responsible party. While the investigation may not have an immediate solution, the Boston Marathon bombings may have a…

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