Insurance news from Oklahoma has state Insurance Department buying guns

Insurance News Dodge Charger Car Police

Insurance News Dodge Charger Car Police The state Insurance Department is spending $180,000 on guns and police vehicles for anti-fraud efforts.

The latest insurance news from Oklahoma has revealed that the state’s insurance officials have spent over $180,000 on bulletproof vests, high-tech shotguns, and seven police package vehicles which the Insurance Department claims are necessary for the expansion of its anti-fraud crackdown.

The department’s effort to fight criminal fraud has drawn the attention of the entire country.

Questions and concerns are being directed at the department, as some lawmakers wonder why it would require the nine people on its anti-fraud team to use equipment that would typically be required only for police officers, in order to investigate what is essentially a form of white collar crime. They have questioned the need for SWAT caliber supplies for the small investigation unit.

This insurance news in the state reveals widespread distaster for the spending decision.

According to the House Government Modernization Committee chairman, Rep. Jason Murphey (R-Guthrie), who is a well known critic of what he has labeled as excessive spending by the government, “I don’t think Oklahomans as a whole are going to relish the day when their neighborhood is full of official police-package insurance department police cars as they’re executing an arrest on a guy who did a fraudulent insurance claim.”

Murphey went on in his insurance news statement, to say that “For the life of me, I never could come to grasp with why the insurance department couldn’t take a local sheriff’s deputy, or someone responsible to the local community,” when they head out to perform the arrests on the fraudsters.

The records of the agency have been released to reveal the insurance news that this year, about two 2013 Chevrolet Tahoes (at $26,505 each), and five 2012 Dodge Chargers (at $23,590 each), which have each been equipped with police packages that include wiring for special communications devices, as well as more solid suspensions.

The insurance news went on to reveal that the agency had also purchased seven $625 bulletproof vests, as well as seven $699 Remington pump-action shotguns, in addition to seven $203 mountable shotgun lights.

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