Oklahoma insurance industry could shift in race for new Insurance Commissioner

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Viner and Doak will compete for the position of the state’s Insurance Commissioner The race for Oklahoma’s next Insurance Commissioner is on and insurance rates may decide the victor. The state’s current Commissioner, John Doak, will compete with Bill Viner, an auditor for the Oklahoma Tax Commission. While Viner is a relative newcomer to the state’s political scene, he has set his sights on addressing the issue of insurance rates and the financial burden they represent. Homeowners insurance rates, in particular, are expected to receive a significant amount of attention.…

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Insurance industry feels financial impact of Oklahoma tornados

Oklahoma tornado damage - homeowners insurance industry

Insurance industry sees payments top $1 billion The Oklahoma Department of Insurance has released the financial information concerning a powerful tornado outbreak that struck the state in May of this year. The information suggests that the tornado outbreak may be one of the most costly natural disasters in the state’s history. Insurance Commissioner John Doak claims that the financial impact of these tornadoes is staggering and notes that the rebuilding effort for communities stuck by tornadoes has only just begun. The cost of these disasters could have a significant impact…

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Insurance news made when state senator criticizes Oklahoma department decision

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The “police posture” that has been taken has raised many eyebrows, particularly after seeing the bill. There has been massive controversy over the latest insurance news from Oklahoma, where a state senator has now publicly expressed his concern over the recent purchases that have been made by the state’s Insurance Department. Senator Harry Coates (R-Seminole) intends to introduce a new bill to put a stop to the agency’s efforts. Senator Coates feels that the agency has taken on a “police-like posture” with its recent purchase of police package vehicles, shotguns,…

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Insurance news from Oklahoma has state Insurance Department buying guns

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The state Insurance Department is spending $180,000 on guns and police vehicles for anti-fraud efforts. The latest insurance news from Oklahoma has revealed that the state’s insurance officials have spent over $180,000 on bulletproof vests, high-tech shotguns, and seven police package vehicles which the Insurance Department claims are necessary for the expansion of its anti-fraud crackdown. The department’s effort to fight criminal fraud has drawn the attention of the entire country. Questions and concerns are being directed at the department, as some lawmakers wonder why it would require the nine…

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