Allstate eases delivery driver insurance terms in Oklahoma

Delivery Driver Insurance - Person driving car

As the need for reliable deliveries skyrockets, those using personal vehicles enjoy loosened coverage rules. Allstate has voluntarily relaxed its regulations for delivery driver insurance for individuals using their personal vehicles for commercial reasons, said the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner. The goal is to make it easier for people to receive food and medicine during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Oklahoma Insurance Department has stated that Allstate alerted regulators of its decision. The insurer wanted to ensure that delivery driver insurance was in place. This way, workers would be properly covered when…

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Earthquakes cause problems for homeowners insurance customers in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Earthquake Insurance

Oklahoma homeowners are beginning to feel pressure associated with earthquakes Earthquakes in Oklahoma are beginning to cause some problems for those with homeowners insurance. The Oklahoma Insurance Department notes that many homeowners may be surprised to discover that their homes are not actually protected against earthquakes. The state has been experiencing an increasing frequency of earthquakes in recent years, with some state officials suggesting that tremblers may be linked to the controversial practice of fracking, which involves the use of oil injection wells. Most homeowners may lack the needed earthquake…

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1,100 homeowners insurance claims generated after Oklahoma storms

Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance

Oklahoma Insurance Department sheds light on recent disasters and offers advice The Oklahoma Insurance Department has released information that shows that 1,100 homeowners insurance claims have been generated by storms that hit the state earlier in the week. The state fell victim to powerful storms that generated tornadoes and caused a significant amount of property damage. Many homeowners were affected by the disasters that struck the state and more claims may be filed in the coming weeks as property owners continue to assess the damage. Tornadoes have caused significant damage…

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Health insurance law finds opposition in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Health insurance

Oklahoma refuses to take action on health insurance law Controversy has ignited in Oklahoma, where Insurance Commissioner John Doak has announced that the Oklahoma Insurance Department refuses to enforce the Affordable Care Act. The state agency is meant to ensure that the numerous provisions of the federal law are enacted throughout the state, such as the establishment of a health insurance exchange. The Affordable Care Act has been meeting strong resistance in Oklahoma, which may mean that the federal government will be taking over the enactment of the health care…

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Insurance news in Oklahoma could stop controversial anti-fraud vehicles

Insurance news oklahoma cars

A new bill would remove the police package cars that were purchased by the state’s department. A bill in Oklahoma is making insurance news as it has now been passed by a Senate panel which would bar the state’s Insurance Department from being able to use the police package vehicles that it purchased for use by its anti-fraud investigators. The vote on Monday was unanimous for stopping the “specialized motor vehicle” use. The Senate General Government Committee released their insurance news relating to the vote which occurred on Monday. It…

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