Insurance news from Missouri includes 26,000 official complaints

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There have been massive waves of communications from disappointed consumers in the state.

The latest insurance news from the state of Missouri has shown that there are a very large number of consumers who are displeased with the coverage they are receiving or the companies that are providing it.

The Insurance Department in Missouri has just reported that it has recovered millions oInsurance newsf dollars for consumers.

So far in 2012, according to the latest insurance news reports, the state’s department has recovered approximately $7.7 million for consumers who have registered complaints. These complaints have to do either with their specific insurers, or with the coverage that is being provided and the results that they have seen relating to their policies.

This week, alone, the department’s insurance news said there were over 10,000 written inquiries fielded.

These inquiries and complaints were on top of the over 16,000 additional communications that consumers had made throughout the first nine months of 2012. Each of these letters and telephone communications needs to be individually handled and then investigated, if the concern should require further information in order to proceed forward.

The department stated that the majority of the problems that have been reported to its representatives have had to do with struggles involving health insurance companies and coverage. In second place were complaints regarding auto policies, followed by the coverage from homeowners policies.

Officials have made headlines by explaining that the department is there to assist consumers who are struggling with their insurers and the services that are being provided. However, it does recommend that attempts be made to resolve issues directly with the company before registering a complaint with the Missouri Insurance Department. The department should be contacted if the situation should reach the point that an impasse has been reached between the customer and the insurer regarding coverage, premiums, and the various elements surrounding claims.

This news statement suggests that the department is receiving a tremendous number of communications and it is hoping to help to expedite their responses by making certain that the residents of the state are making contact only when the assistance of the department is actually required to resolve the situation.

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