Insurance news not transparent enough with Missouri prices

Missouri Health Insurance news

The state, which participates in the federal health plan exchange will include at least three insurers. This fall, the latest insurance news is showing that when residents of Missouri head to the website, they will likely be able to compare and shop for health plans that are being offered by a minimum of three insurers. The largest insurance company in the country has now stated that it expects to take part in the federal marketplace. UnitedHealthcare has said that it intends to make insurance news, this fall, by adding…

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Auto insurance electronic proof law signed by Missouri governor

digital electronic mobile proof of auto insurance

Gov. Jay Nixon has now added his signature to House Bill 322 so that coverage cards can be shown digitally. The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has now signed House Bill 322, which will give drivers the opportunity to use their smartphones and other mobile electronic devices to display a digital version of their proof of auto insurance, which will be considered an allowable format for official situations. These devices are being used by people for a growing number of purposes and could make proof more convenient to display. According…

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Health insurance exchange in Missouri may still be state run

Missouri Health Insurance

Though the state may have said that it won’t be running its own marketplace, the issue drags on. The state of Missouri has already informed federal officials that it will not be creating its own health insurance exchange, but this has not closed the issue altogether. The extension of the deadline by the Department of Health and Human Services has encouraged further discussion. The state has now been talking about whether a health insurance exchange may be run by the state at some point in the future. The deadline change,…

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Insurance news from Missouri includes 26,000 official complaints

homeowners Insurance news

There have been massive waves of communications from disappointed consumers in the state. The latest insurance news from the state of Missouri has shown that there are a very large number of consumers who are displeased with the coverage they are receiving or the companies that are providing it. The Insurance Department in Missouri has just reported that it has recovered millions of dollars for consumers. So far in 2012, according to the latest insurance news reports, the state’s department has recovered approximately $7.7 million for consumers who have registered…

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Medical malpractice insurance premiums to rise in Missouri

medical malpractice insurance premiums

State Supreme Court rules insurance caps unconstitutional Medical malpractice insurance premiums are expected to shoot up in Missouri after the state’s Supreme Court has declared a longstanding cap on the premiums unconstitutional. In 2004, Missouri legislators placed a cap on medical malpractice insurance premiums. Since then, premiums have dropped by 28%. The cap also lowered a cap concerning non-economic damages in malpractice cases, making it more difficult for consumers and insurance companies to recover funds that may be vital in the attainment of additional care. Cap had limited medical malpractice…

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