Insurance fraud discovered in Maryland’s second largest school system

insurance fraud

The CFO of Prince George’s school system has been placed on administrative leave with pay following accusations.

The head budget official for the second biggest school system in Maryland now finds himself on administrative leave with pay after it was discovered by school officials that it is likely that he has committed insurance fraud.

The officials discovered an order form from the Maryland Insurance Office in which fraudulent activities occurred.

The Prince George’s County Public School System’s chief financial officer, Colby R. White, as well as his wife, Keisha, who is employed as an internal auditor for the school district, were required to pay $3,000 each, in August, for a claim that has been found to be a case of insurance fraud. This claim had been filed in order to pay for a wedding ring.

This instance of insurance fraud now has both employees on leave with pay, pending an investigation.

insurance fraudThe school district now preparing for a considerable internal investigation into this fraudulent insurance claim, according to a school system spokesperson, Max Pugh. Monica Goldson, the chief operating officer, has now taken on temporary responsibility for White’s tasks. Pugh explained that school officials – who only just made the discovery of the insurance scam last Friday afternoon – are still in the process of discovering the size of the inquiry.

Pugh stated that “We’re trying to determine the breadth of the investigation,” adding that “It just came upon us”.

Since 1995, Colby White has been an employee of this school system, and his current annual income is recorded to be $169,008. Keisha White has worked for the school system since 2001 and has an annual salary of $95,540.

In 2013, in September, Erie Insurance Exchange received a claim from Colby White, which stated that Keisha had lost her 1.5 carat diamond ring. The order for this situation showed that he had already made the same filing for that ring five months beforehand with Travelers Indemnity Insurance.

While submitting supporting information, both of the Whites had signed a document that included a warning statement regarding insurance fraud such as the type of which they have now been accused.

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