Insurance fraud exposure generate a daily savings of $5.58 million

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A new ABI study has shown that the efforts to stop fraudsters are saving consumers in the U.K. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has now released its data about the impact of exposing insurance fraud in the United Kingdom, and the results are showing that it is saving consumers a massive amount of money. The report showed that a daily $5.588 million (£3.6 million) is saved because of exposing insurance cheats. According to the report, the daily amount is saved by consumers in the U.K. “saved by exposing insurance…

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Insurance fraud discovered in Maryland’s second largest school system

insurance fraud

The CFO of Prince George’s school system has been placed on administrative leave with pay following accusations. The head budget official for the second biggest school system in Maryland now finds himself on administrative leave with pay after it was discovered by school officials that it is likely that he has committed insurance fraud. The officials discovered an order form from the Maryland Insurance Office in which fraudulent activities occurred. The Prince George’s County Public School System’s chief financial officer, Colby R. White, as well as his wife, Keisha, who…

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