Hurricane Preparedness Week encourages homeowners to check their insurance

Hurricane Preparedness Week - big waves from hurricane

The industry is reminding property owners to review their coverage and update if necessary.

The insurance industry used this week, Hurricane Preparedness Week, to remind homeowners that storm season is on its way. This makes the week the perfect opportunity to go over insurance policies and make changes to prepare properties for what could potentially be an active year.

The insurance industry has released lists of helpful instructions to keep customers properly covered.

Hurricane Preparedness Week arrives just before the official season begins. That way, homeowners have time to look through their insurance policies, get the coverage they require, take steps to prevent damage to the property and create a solid emergency kit.

The industry recommends that consumers begin by getting to know their policies and what they cover – as well as what they don’t. If a homeowner has any questions about his or her coverage, the next step is to contact an insurance agent or a representative of the insurer. Next, it’s important for customers to know exactly where all insurance documents – and other important documents – are located, to store them safely and to make copies that are stored elsewhere in case the originals should be damaged. The last step is to consider flood insurance if it is available.

Hurricane Preparedness Week has placed the spotlight back onto flood insurance coverage.

This week focused on what flood insurance is and what it covers. This can help homeowners to understand if their standard home insurance is enough this hurricane season, or if additional coverage would best serve them.

There are two types of storm-based flood damage that can occur to a home. The first is rain that enters the home, for instance, through a window, a leaky roof, lifted flashing or another entryway from outside. The second way is for water to rise and wash into the home, such as over the banks of a river or from a shoreline, explained WPDE.

Standard homeowners insurance does cover the first type of flooding but doesn’t cover rising water. There are two types of flood insurance that can be purchased. The first is for the structure itself and the second covers the contents of the home that could be damaged by the water – such as furniture, clothing, artwork, electronics and other personal possessions.

Hurricane Preparedness Week was meant to help to remind homeowners that the season runs from June 1 to November 30. Financial protection begins with proper insurance coverage. From there, shrubs and tree limbs can be Hurricane Preparedness Week - big waves from hurricanetrimmed, emergency kits can be built, windows can be caulked and other preparations can be carefully made before the season begins.

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