Hurricane insurance claim deadline looms

Hurricane insurance Isaac 2012

Hurricane insurance Isaac 2012Policyholders who intend to make a claim related to flooding from Isaac must do so by today.

Today marks the last day in which residents of Louisiana will be able to make hurricane insurance claims relating to losses from flooding that occurred as a result of Isaac.

The National Flood Insurance Program has already applied three extensions to this deadline.

Typically speaking, hurricane insurance for flooding has a claims deadline of 60 days from the time of the loss itself. However, the NFIP has given three different extensions to provide homeowners and business owners with more time in this particular case. In Louisiana, the infrastructure damage and the high floodwaters made it difficult or impossible to access homes and other buildings, so more time was granted.

Today marks 180 days and the end of the hurricane insurance flood claims period for Isaac victims.

The storm made its way through a number of metro New Orleans parishes, having first made landfall on August 28, 2012. That said, the exact deadline for submitting a claim (which is referred to as “proof of loss”) is different among the homeowners in the area, as the heavy rainfall and flooding occurred over a period of several days before and after the actual storm struck. However, the time for all claimants making these hurricane insurance filings for damage from flooding will have to be made by today or the deadline will have expired.

According to Gerard M. Stolar, a coordinating officer at FEMA, after the most recent extension was granted, “Many Isaac survivors continue to gather information that will help adjusters determine their flood insurance loss.” That said, he also explained that “we urge folks who haven’t yet filed their proof of loss to do so as soon as possible.”

Customers are being warned that if they do not submit their policies by today, they may miss out on the hurricane insurance benefits of their flood coverage. Policyholders who still have questions and concerns about their claims are advised to contact their agents or their insurers directly to ensure that this opportunity is not missed due to a misunderstanding.

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