US Senate Budget Committee is taking a closer look at Florida Citizens Insurance

Citizens Insurance Focus - home insurance

The Senate Panel is seeking to answer big questions about the insurer’s exposure if a storm hits. The US Senate Budget Committee has requested a slew of documents and information from Florida’s Citizens Insurance, the home insurer of last resort in the state. The investigation has raised questions regarding climate risk and whether a major hurricane would cause the insurer to have to obtain help from the federal government. The committee is aiming to learn more about the insurer’s ability to pay claims in worst case situations. Governor Ron DeSantis…

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Insured Hurricane Dorian damage could bring $25 billion in losses to the industry

Hurricane Dorian Damage - Damage from Hurricane

UBS research shows that insurers may face tens of billions in losses because of the intense storm. Hurricane Dorian damage may cost over $25 billion in claims payouts from insurance companies, according to international financial services firm U.B.S. Damage to the Bahamas, the US coast and Canada was widespread and substantial. The bank had initially predicted that there would be between $5 and $40 billion in damage caused by the storm. More recently, U.B.S. narrowed its forecast to $15 billion as more specific Hurricane Dorian damage data became available. Now,…

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Insurance news from Superstorm Sandy continues a year later

hurricane sandy flood insurance news

Many homeowners are still waiting and fighting with FEMA to be able to receive payouts. Though a year has now passed since Superstorm Sandy started making insurance news headlines, there are 88,750 people among the 155,287 who have filed a claim with an insurer or FEMA, who have been deemed unqualified for payments. There are hundreds of homes that were demolished during the storm that remain off-limits. Today, the insurance news has transformed from the initial devastation that occurred as a result of the storm, into the ongoing battle that…

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Hurricane insurance claim deadline looms

Hurricane insurance Isaac 2012

Policyholders who intend to make a claim related to flooding from Isaac must do so by today. Today marks the last day in which residents of Louisiana will be able to make hurricane insurance claims relating to losses from flooding that occurred as a result of Isaac. The National Flood Insurance Program has already applied three extensions to this deadline. Typically speaking, hurricane insurance for flooding has a claims deadline of 60 days from the time of the loss itself. However, the NFIP has given three different extensions to provide…

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Hurricane Sandy beats Katrina in claims

Hurricane Sandy Flood Insurance New York Storm

Hurricane Sandy generating more claims than Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Sandy may be little more than a bad memory for some, but the insurance industry is still reeling from the impact of the storm. The storm struck eastern states very hard, generating massive storm surges that caused widespread floods in New York and its neighboring states. Hurricane Sandy generated thousands upon thousands of flood insurance claims. The National Flood Insurance Program is reporting that it has received more claims than it had seen from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. Sandy shows more in…

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