Homeowners insurance review and preparation keeps claims down at Super Bowl parties

super bowl homeowners insurance review

These gatherings can be a lot of fun, but some extra care can keep guests and property safe.

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and football fans planning to host a party have a homeowners insurance review and some preparations to make. These small efforts can help to make sure there will be a lower risk of injury, damage or the need for an insurance claim.

Millions of Americans plan to take part in a Super Bowl party, either hosting or attending.

Any time there is a gathering of people, lots of excitement, food and alcohol, there’s the chance that something could go wrong. This year, about 45 percent of Americans will be either hosting or attending some form of Super Bowl party or gathering, according to data from the National Retail Federation (NRF).

This makes the time head of the party a great opportunity for hosts to do a homeowners insurance review and take some steps to prevent problems. This doesn’t involve anything complex or time consuming. It merely involves a check of the home insurance policy to be sure that the necessary damage and liability coverage are there, and steps have been taken to help prevent having to make a claim in the first place.

A homeowners insurance review on your own or with an agent’s help is a good idea regardless

super bowl homeowners insurance reviewThe Super Bowl party is a great reminder to review your coverage and your needs to make sure they align. Just as the time change is a good opportunity to replace the batteries in your smoke detector, this can be an annual prompt to be sure the right steps are being taken every year to ensure adequate coverage and prevent the need for a claim.

Aside from checking into your homeowners insurance policy, insurers are also advising policyholders to take the following steps to enjoy a safe Super Bowl party this year:

• Clear snow and ice from driveways and walkways to make it safe for guests to come and go from your home.
• Take care to keep food safe. Hot foods need to be kept hot, cold foods must be kept cold and an effort should be made to prevent cross-contamination from one food to the next. Regardless of whether it is hot or cold, it shouldn’t be left out too long.
• Watch out for guests who have been drinking. When you’re the host, it’s up to you to watch how much everyone drinks. It’s your responsibility – both legally and as a friend – not to let anyone get behind the wheel when they’ve had too much.
• Don’t forget about the stove, oven or barbecue. Keep an eye on anything you’re using to cook or warm foods. Don’t forget about them as it represents a serious fire risk if you do.

Consider supplemental insurance coverage if your typical policy isn’t enough. After you do a homeowners insurance review, you might find that you have exactly what you need except for your entertaining. Additional liability coverage is available to help you in case anything should happen at your Super Bowl party despite your best efforts to prevent it.

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