Homeowners insurance program created for Alabama coastal residents

Alabama homeowners insurance

Alabama homeowners insuranceNew coverage now available for homes in these regions requiring wind and flood protection.

Residents of the coastline in Alabama have been struggling for many years to be able to find high quality comprehensive homeowners insurance that also provides them with protection against wind and flooding.

A new program has now been introduced, uniquely within this industry, in order to assist these residents.

Homeowners insurance customers in Mobile and Baldwin counties, for example, have struggled to obtain this coverage at an affordable price due to the increased risk that is associated with their location. An insurer that already provides this type of coverage to coastal residents in Florida and South Carolina has now expanded its business into Alabama.

The new homeowners insurance program is specifically focused on covering coastal properties.

The coverage is being provided by Frontline Homeowners Insurance. That company is specifically geared toward that type of protection in these higher risk areas along shorelines. According to its president, Leman Porter, “Because coastal coverage for homeowners is a primary focus for us, Mobile and Baldwin Counties are a natural extension.” He went on to add that “We’re experts on helping our customers understand their risks, the details of their coverage, and creating comprehensive solutions including wind and flood, all in one package.”

That homeowners insurance company claims that the type of coverage provided within their program is not available to these Alabama residents in any other way, at the moment. Though they have been providing it in some other coastal states, this is their first entry into Alabama. The program is meant to provide coverage for individual properties and will include higher value homes. Though condominium coverage is not yet being offered, the company has suggested that it is on its way.

Aside from coverage, the homeowners insurance company – which was first established in 1998 and that is well reputed for its financial standing – also features a website that provides these property owners with a wide range of tips that allow them to protect their homes against potential damage, which will reduce the risk of having to actually make a claim.

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