Homeowners insurance recommended for Oklahoma residents

Oklahoma Tornado homeowners Insurance

Officials in the state have been urging residents to consider the “hard to insure” program for their homes. The head of the homeowners insurance department in Oklahoma has released a statement that is currently urging residents to consider taking part in the “hard to insure” program to obtain coverage for their homes. This recommendation comes on the heels of over $1 billion in claims payments from May’s severe tornado damage. John Doak, the commissioner for Oklahoma, issued a statement at the end of the week that reminded residents of the…

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Texas homeowners insurance program could see surplus this year

Texas Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance organization may soon overcome challenges The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) has been struggling with some severe financial and management challenges in recent years. The state-run, non-profit organization provides some homeowners insurance protections to properties in coastal regions of the state. The organization is typically the only place where homeowners can find protection against wind damage along the coast. Despite past struggles, TWIA officials expect that 2013 will be a good year for the organization. TWIA manages to settle numerous lawsuits TWIA has been in debt since early…

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Homeowners insurance program created for Alabama coastal residents

Alabama homeowners insurance

New coverage now available for homes in these regions requiring wind and flood protection. Residents of the coastline in Alabama have been struggling for many years to be able to find high quality comprehensive homeowners insurance that also provides them with protection against wind and flooding. A new program has now been introduced, uniquely within this industry, in order to assist these residents. Homeowners insurance customers in Mobile and Baldwin counties, for example, have struggled to obtain this coverage at an affordable price due to the increased risk that is…

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