Homeowners insurance program created for Alabama coastal residents

Alabama homeowners insurance

New coverage now available for homes in these regions requiring wind and flood protection. Residents of the coastline in Alabama have been struggling for many years to be able to find high quality comprehensive homeowners insurance that also provides them with protection against wind and flooding. A new program has now been introduced, uniquely within this industry, in order to assist these residents. Homeowners insurance customers in Mobile and Baldwin counties, for example, have struggled to obtain this coverage at an affordable price due to the increased risk that is…

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Alabama Governor erects new panel to investigate the state’s shaken insurance market

A new panel has been set up in Alabama by Governor Robert Bentley comprised of 24 of the state’s insurance and business officials as well as several regulatory figures. The panel is tasked with investigating the state’s insurance market in the wake of deadly tornadoes that ravaged the state, along with its neighbors, two months ago. The original intent of the panel was to focus their investigation to coastal areas, spurred by the forecasts of a tumultuous hurricane season. The effort has been expanded, however, to account for the toll…

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