Homeowners insurance lawsuit filed by Sandy Hook families

gun insuarnce shooter homeowners

The suit has been filed by the victims of the tragedy, against the property coverage of Nancy Lanza.

A total of nine parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook school’s heartbreaking tragedy have now filed a lawsuit against the homeowners insurance of the late Nancy Lanza, marking a new turn in the story of this vicious attack.

These new lawsuits against the insurance policy were first reported on March 13, following reports of other suits.

About three months ago, a number of the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings had filed lawsuits against Bushmaster Firearms. That company is the manufacturer of the gun that Adam Lanza stole and then proceeded to use when he attacked the students and staff of Sandy Hook, as well as his mother, Nancy. Now, new suits have been filed against the homeowners insurance policy and its liability component.

It is believed that the homeowners insurance in question is for $1 million in liability coverage.

gun shooter homeowners insuranceA report made in the Connecticut Post stated that these new lawsuits had been filed in order “to collect on Nancy Lanza’s home owner insurance policy,” and the estimated $1 million in coverage that it provides. The report went on to say that “Eight of the suits were filed in Superior Court in Bridgeport,” and that the ninth one recently saw its filing in Danbury.

Every one of the lawsuits that has been filed allege that firearms belonging to Nancy Lanza had not been adequately secured. This failure to properly store the firearms resulted in “allowing her son… to gain access to the [AR-15] and kill the victims.”

As of yet, there is very little known about the status and the demands that are being made within the lawsuits. What is known is that a “status conference” will be held on April 9 with regards to the eight lawsuits that were filed in Bridgeport.

All of these lawsuits against the homeowners insurance policy have to do with events on December 14, 2012, when Adam Lanza, a 20 year old man, entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and opened fire, fatally shooting 20 students and 6 staff members. This followed the fatal shooting of Nancy Lanza, and preceded the taking of his own life.

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