HHS estimates 16 million people have received health insurance coverage

Health Insurance coverage - uninsured drops

Health care reform increases the accessibility of insurance coverage

The Affordable Care Act has helped more than 16 million people in the United States gain health insurance, according to information from the Department of Health and Human Services. A recent survey from Gallup, called the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, suggests that the number is closer to 9 million, however. Whatever the case may be, health care reform has reduced the number of uninsured people throughout the country, which may be a significant victory.

Federal law continues to be somewhat controversial

The impact of the Affordable Care Act has been disputed over the past few years, but the law has made health insurance coverage more accessible to many people. The number of people that have insurance coverage now compared to 2010 is sometimes called unclear. Whether or not these people will be able to keep their insurance coverage because of increasing costs is also uncertain. Certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act, such as the availability of subsidies from the federal government, are currently being called into question.

Subsidies may be in trouble for many people that have health insurance

Health Insurance coverage - uninsured dropsIn the case of federal subsidies, the Supreme Court has been hearing a case regarding the legality of financial aid from the federal government. The case questions whether or not the government can offer subsidies in states where it manages a health insurance exchange. The provisions of the Affordable Care Act provide subsidies in state-run exchanges, of which there are 16. If the Supreme Court rules against subsidies, those purchasing coverage in the 34 states where the federal government manages an exchange will lose the financial support that has made coverage affordable.

8 million people could lose coverage if subsidies vanish

Currently, some 8 million people are expected to lose their coverage if subsidies from the federal government are cut down. These people would not be able to afford their insurance policies without these subsidies. The Supreme Court is expected to reach a decision on the matter at the end of June this year, which will have a major impact on the health insurance sector.

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  1. Allen Crenshaw

    The reduction in the number of uninsured Americans came at a high price. Right around $73,500 per person insured, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Private sector CEO’s would be fired instantly if they spent this much $$$ to acquire a health insurance customer.

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