Healthcare reforms website to be repaired by private contractor

Federal Health Insurance Exchange website problems has a brighter future ahead and will be working by the end of November.

The website – a central element of the healthcare reforms – is expected to be up and running at full steam before the end of next month now that Quality Software Systems, a private contractor, has been hired to operate the site.

The site has been hounded by problems since the day that it launched at the start of this month.

To help to rescue the struggling heart of the healthcare reforms – the most public facing element of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – President Barack Obama has now hired Quality Software Services Inc., one of the private contractors that was behind the creation of the site in the first place, to help to repair the struggling health insurance exchange website so that it will be operating properly by the close of November.

Health Insurance Exchange website ErrorsThe website has been making headlines for the healthcare reforms since its tripped up launch.

The officials from the Obama administration have revealed that there have been dozens of different problems that have been identified with the healthcare reforms insurance exchange websites, and that they feel that hiring this private company to come up with the route to solve these issues is the best path.

A management consultant hired by the White House, Jeffrey Zients, has been brought in to conduct an assessment of the size and breadth of the problems with the healthcare reforms website. He told the press that once he had completed his review, he had identified issues throughout the entire system, which is a complex web of various different interactive components among the government agencies, consumers, and insurers, all in real time.

Zients explained that although repairing the website for the healthcare reforms insurance program will take a good deal of work, the site “is fixable”. He agreed that the majority of the struggles will have been solved by the close of November, and the number of errors will have been significantly reduced. He did not, however, state that all of the problems would have been repaired. It looks as though the goal is currently to manage the largest issues and to ensure that the site is fully operational, before tackling the smaller struggles.

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