Consumers may require guidance when it comes to health insurance exchanges

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Confusion remains a prevalent problem when it comes to health insurance exchanges

The University of Iowa’s Public Policy Center and College of Health have released the results of survey concerning the state’s health insurance exchange. The state’s exchange has become quite popular among consumers looking to find affordable health insurance policies, but the exchange’s website has fallen victim to numerous technical problems that have prevented many from finding the coverage they are interested in. According to the survey, technical problems are only one issue that consumers are facing.

Survey shows that majority of people require a great deal of guidance

The survey suggests that the vast majority of people seeking coverage through the Iowa health insurance exchange will require a significant level of assistance. Approximately 40% of those surveyed claimed that they would require “a lot” of guidance when it came to navigating the state’s exchange system, with 42% claiming that they would need some help to find the policies they were interested in. The majority of those surveyed claimed to require in-person assistance due to their lack of understanding of the exchange and its various functions.

health insurance exchange guidanceLack of awareness among consumers may be due to government failures

A lack of awareness among consumers has been a major issue for the Affordable Care Act. Low awareness has led many to criticize the federal law without understanding its various provisions or how it would actually affect them. The federal government, through the Department of Health and Human Services, has done a relatively poor job of informing consumers about the Affordable Care Act and exchanges in general. The Department of Health and Human Services has taken up responsibility for the issue, claiming that it will do better in the future in order to ensure that exchanges work properly and consumers have access to easily understood information concerning health insurance coverage.

Critics of Affordable Care Act apply for health insurance coverage through state-based exchanges

Despite the problems that exchange shave been experiencing throughout the country, these exchanges have been receiving a great deal of traffic from consumers. Many people that have been staunch critics of the Affordable Care Act have flocked to exchanges in order to find out more information regarding the federal law. These people have also been applying for health insurance coverage through their state’s exchange programs.

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