Health insurance policy losses lead to Obama apology

Obama Health Insurance

The president stated that “I’m sorry” that Americans are losing their coverage.

Despite reported claims that the president made, promising that Americans would not be losing their existing health insurance plans under the new healthcare reforms, many have indeed lost their coverage, leading Obama to apologize for this occurrence.

Though he did not apologize for having made the promise, he did say that he was sorry that this is occurring.

The president spoke on the subject, saying that “I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me.” Equally, Obama indicated that the law may experience some tweaks in the near future in order to close “Some of the holes and gaps” that were leading millions of people across the United States to receive health insurance cancellation letters from their insurers.

Obama Health InsuranceThe president stated that he and his administration is dedicated to overcoming this health insurance challenge.

He stated that he knows that they must “work hard” to be certain that the people know that they are being heard and vowed to “do everything we can” to assist those who have found themselves struggling due to this situation. This apology regarding lost health insurancenr68kpthnl6B8D87GB687E9D8AA policies comes at a time in which the White House is managing a number of different challenges regarding the central element of the healthcare reforms.

As though the policy cancellations weren’t enough, they are also trying to handle the issues surrounding the health insurance exchange, that has been riddled with errors and has made it very challenging for Americans who do want to buy coverage to be able to do so through that channel. Now, as 3.5 million Americans find themselves on the receiving end of these cancellation notices, there is additional scrutiny being aimed at the president.

This was the broadest acceptance of responsibility for the issues that the health insurance exchanges that Obama has made to this point. He stated that in terms of the rollout, if the law isn’t yet working, then “it’s my job to get it fixed.” He admitted that it was his fault if it wasn’t working “like a charm” and it is his responsibility to repair.

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