Tennessee health insurance co-op faces complaints from consumers

Tennessee Health Insurance

Tennessee consumers are having problems with the state’s health insurance co-op, Community Health Alliance Tennessee’s Community Health Alliance, a health insurance co-op operating in the state, has become the subject of complaints being issued to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. Now, the state agency is looking to hear from more people that may have had problems with the co-op in an effort to determine how outstanding problems can be resolved. At the end of the year, the co-op is expected to shut down, which will leave some 27,000…

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Federal health insurance exchange website experiences shutdown over critical weekend

Federal Health Insurance Exchange website problems

The HealthCare.gov site went down for a considerable amount of time on Saturday morning. Only hours before the deadline imposed by the Obama administration, itself, for having the federal health insurance exchange website up and running for the “vast majority” of the people who want to use, it the site went down for a huge amount of time early in the morning on Saturday. The official report said that the site was being taken down deliberately for 11 hours. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services took the federal health…

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Colorado health insurance is very far from meeting its enrollment needs

Colorado Health Insurance

At the moment, only about 6,000 people have enrolled, but it requires over 136,000 to meet its goals. The Colorado health insurance exchange is well behind its goals for encouraging individuals throughout the state to enroll in their coverage in order to comply with the so called individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act. Far fewer consumers are purchasing the coverage that they need to comply with the healthcare reforms than expected. In fact, at the moment, the estimates of the Colorado health insurance exchange’s performance are that the enrollment…

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Health insurance fix for cancelled plans announced by President Obama

President Obama health insurance Obamacare

In a televised speech, insurers were allowed to offer their current plans for an additional year. President Obama has now announced a fix for the widespread problems regarding cancelled health insurance plans, as the date for the full implementation of the healthcare reforms draws ever closer. This gives the insurers the chance to maintain their current plans for a year, even if they don’t comply with the law. The fix was announced by the president in order to help to stop the tremendous trend that health insurance companies have started…

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Health insurance policy losses lead to Obama apology

Obama Health Insurance

The president stated that “I’m sorry” that Americans are losing their coverage. Despite reported claims that the president made, promising that Americans would not be losing their existing health insurance plans under the new healthcare reforms, many have indeed lost their coverage, leading Obama to apologize for this occurrence. Though he did not apologize for having made the promise, he did say that he was sorry that this is occurring. The president spoke on the subject, saying that “I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based…

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