Mercy Health and Anthem strike health insurance deal

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The companies have come to an agreement that will keep the care provider in the insurer’s network.

Mercy Health has announced that it will remain in Anthem’s health insurance network now that the companies have arrived at a deal.

This means that the insurer’s members will be able to seek care through that healthcare system.

The Catholic healthcare system in Ohio and Kentucky will be available to Anthem health insurance members on the Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and employer-based coverage plans. According to the new agreement, this will extend through to the end of 2028. At that time, the deal may be renegotiated in order to extend it further.

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“I’m proud that both organizations continued to focus on our shared priority: the communities we serve,” said Jane Peterson, the Ohio president of Anthem. “We worked together to creatively address affordability for our members and the financial needs of an important care provider. This agreement provides long-term stable access to care at Mercy Health without cost increases for our members and employers.”

Both companies focused on ensuring that Anthem’s health insurance members could use the provider.

“We understand that being out network can be very difficult, and we are pleased that patients with Anthem insurance can now see our physicians and use our hospitals at an in-network cost,” said Mercy Health – Toledo president Bob Baxter. “We sincerely believe that access to quality health care services is vital for our communities. This new agreement protects our patients’ access to compassionate care close to home.”

The deal’s details have not been publicly disclosed because of the contract’s confidentiality provisions. As a component of the new agreement, Mercy Health has also agreed to dismiss a lawsuit it had filed against the insurer in Virginia.

The companies are working collaboratively to address the submission and payment processes for claims filed through the insurer. Both companies are working to ensure that the process will be as seamless as possible for Anthem health insurance members. That said, members are encouraged to phone the number on their Anthem ID card if they have any questions about their health care coverage or their network, including through Mercy Health.

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