Google insurance shopping site to launch in California

google insurance cyber industry

The internet giant has now finally announced the beginning of its long awaited and expected website.

The industry in the U.S. has been antsy to see what the start of the Google insurance offerings would bring to the shopping experience, and the wait has finally come to an end, as the internet giant has revealed that it will be launching its website, to start, in California.

A U.S. version of the company’s Google Compare auto insurance comparison and policy shopping site will soon arrive.

That service launched in the U.K. about two years ago and it has been greatly expected that Google insurance comparisons, quotes, and purchasing would soon be arriving on American digital soil. The website will, therefore, essentially work as a search engine for auto insurance policies and will add one more player into the already cramped market for comparison sites. That said, these websites are exceptionally popular, not only for finding coverage, but also for travel and a broad range of other industries.

The Google insurance website may be starting in California, but it will likely spread from there.

google insurance cyber industryThe California insurance offerings that will be available on the website will be limited to auto coverage, at the beginning, said Google in its announcement of the site launch. In order to be able to take advantage of the quote service, drivers will need to enter information such as their name and the number on their driver’s license. Within a matter of moments, quotes are generated from several insurers and different types of applicable coverage levels.

Should the site user actually follow through and make the purchase, then Google receives a fee from the auto insurance company that sold the policy. The announcement from the company explained that “As Google Compare for car insurance rolls out to more states, we’ll also be introducing ratings and reviews as well as local agent support for providers with agent networks.”

The Google insurance comparison website was far from being a surprise, as the company had been amassing licenses to sell coverage in many different states and had been building new partnerships with various other insurance sites.

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