Google insurance shopping site to launch in California

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The internet giant has now finally announced the beginning of its long awaited and expected website. The industry in the U.S. has been antsy to see what the start of the Google insurance offerings would bring to the shopping experience, and the wait has finally come to an end, as the internet giant has revealed that it will be launching its website, to start, in California. A U.S. version of the company’s Google Compare auto insurance comparison and policy shopping site will soon arrive. That service launched in the U.K.…

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Google insurance sales online may be tougher than expected

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Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne predicts greater challenges for the internet giant than had possibly been predicted. The Google insurance news was enormous when the internet giant announced that it would be stepping into sales in that market, earlier this year, but it could be that it will be facing larger challenges than had been predicted. It could be that the massive search engine company may find itself facing similar struggles to other comparison sites. Comparison sites have been nervous as they wonder if all of their hard work would be…

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Insurance agents could see greater struggles from online selling

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The internet is starting to show the areas in which these industry pros could be threatened. The internet has had a history of turning jobs that used to be completed by people into tasks that could be finished in a few seconds by an algorithm or two, and now insurance agents are wondering whether that same fate could be headed in their direction. The insurance industry is seeing a massive shift toward informing consumers and selling online. Companies are introducing massive websites that promote various products, provide additional information about…

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Auto insurance available through Walmart in Ohio


The massive retailer has now expanded its online car coverage into the state for the first time. As of this week, the largest retailer in the world has expanded its service for selling auto insurance online into the Ohio, to bring its total number of states where it offers the coverage to eleven. Walmart first launched the service for the first time back in May, and it has been expanding it steadily. The auto insurance program is being run through and it gives consumers the opportunity to conduct a…

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Insurance technology is changing the game, says Swiss Re

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The company released its latest sigma study, which has shown that tech has brought considerable change. A new sigma study released by Swiss Re has shown that insurance technology is considerably altering the way that insurers and customers interact, as each of those parties has been presented with considerable information and tools that had never before been available to either of them. Insurance companies are particularly benefiting with the amount that they can learn about their customers. What the conclusion of the study suggested was that insurers use the insurance…

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Insurance Fishing Offers Consumer Tips for How to Find Affordable Insurance Quotes Online

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St. Louis, MO, January 31, 2014 –(– Insurance Fishing, a leading online resource for those looking to find the best rates for local auto, rental and homeowners insurance, is excited to announce the benefits of shopping for insurance rates on the web. The website, which only launched a year ago, believes that offering these important tips can help anyone see the value of simplifying the entire process of looking for insurance rates, which can often be long and difficult on its own. For starters, Insurance Fishing points out that using…

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Cyber insurance sales boom in Ireland

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Businesses are beginning to look to insurance in order to protect themselves from digital threats Cyber insurance policies are beginning to gain more attention as hackers begin focusing more heavily on businesses with lackluster protection in place. Hackers have been taking advantage of businesses for several years and businesses have often failed to keep up with the pace at which security software as well as hacking techniques have advanced. As such, insurance protection is becoming vital to the longevity of business large and small. In Ireland, the sale of cyber…

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