Insurance companies may require Harrison Ford to stay on the ground

Harrison ford insurance companies

This could be the result of last week’s crash when the actor fell from the sky in his vintage airplane.

The entertainment industry insurance companies may require Harrison Ford to remain grounded following the crash that the actor experienced when he experienced engine trouble in his vintage airplane, last week, and sent it into a crash landing on a golf course in Venice, California.

Ford is still recovering from moderately serious injuries that he experienced from the crash landing.

He was immediately hospitalized after the crash. At the time that it happened, the actor, who is best known for his work in top roles in blockbusters such as the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, was not working on a film production at the time that he went flying on Thursday. He had already wrapped up his work on “Star Wars: Episode VII”. That said, following this crash, movie insurance companies may not be willing to cover him if he chooses to continue flying while he is signed on for a film.

These insurance companies are likely to take a much closer look at the risk associated with his hobbies.

Harrison ford insurance companiesAccording to a risk management consultant based in Los Angeles, Angela Plasschaert, who works with entertainment industry insurance providers and with film producers, “It will be stipulated in bold, black ink that he won’t be able to fly while he’s on the set,” also adding that “There wouldn’t be a sane person on the planet that would want to write that policy.”

One insurer that specializes in entertainment industry insurance policies, Frankel & Associates, made a statement in which Randle Frankel said that it is certain that the coverage industry will be heavily scrutinizing Harrison Ford’s flying hobby. He explained that “If I was the underwriter, I would definitely look at the whole situation before deciding whether or not I was going to entertain the risk.”

Movie makers will typically look to specialized insurance companies to provide them with a broad spectrum of coverage for their equipment, props, and vehicles, but also for reshoots that are required in case of defective film, bad weather, and even the type of damage that can occur as a result of cyber attacks and computer viruses. Producers also typically insist on coverage against the losses from the illness, injury, or death of one of their actors.

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