GEICO Insurance issues advice to drivers for the holiday season

GEICO Insurance - Driving on winter roads

The auto insurer is reminding drivers of the importance not to rush while on the road.

GEICO Insurance has issued an official notice to the drivers it covers, reminding them of the importance of slowing down and driving safely even at this busy time of year.

The insurer is urging motorists to remember what is truly important during the holidays.

Throughout the end of November and all the way through December, many of us are rushing around trying to make sure our holidays will be the best ones yet. Whether we’re shopping for the perfect gifts, picking up ingredients for our favorite treats, going to (or coming home from) parties, or selecting a gorgeous tree, there is a lot to do within a small amount of time.

When you add that on top of our already busy lifestyles, this can mean that drivers are constantly feeling the pressure to get where they need to be. GEICO Insurance is reminding drivers to remember to be patient and considerate throughout the holiday season. This doesn’t always feel easy because we have so much to do, but it’s at these times that we must remind ourselves of what is most important – getting there safely!

GEICO Insurance made the following recommendations to keep drivers safe this year.

• Be courteous. A little bit goes a long way to keep yourself calm and to pay that calm forward to other drivers. Leave space, let people in and signal early.
• Give yourself extra time. Don’t be in a rush to get everywhere, and you’ll feel less inclined to speed, cut people off and become frustrated when traffic slows down.
• Don’t be a Grinch. Leave the aggressive driving behind you and resist the urge to weave through traffic, tailgate or adopt other behaviors that can increase your risk and frustrate other drivers. These behaviors place you and all the cars around you at an increased risk of a crash.
• Plan ahead if you plan to drink alcohol. Every amount of alcohol – even a very small amount – impairs you to a certain extent. Even if you’re driving within the legal limit, a combination of a slight impairment with being tired after a party (and a busy day), driving in the dark and possible wintery weather each raise your risks. If you plan to drink GEICO Insurance - Driving on winter roadsalcohol, have a way to get home that doesn’t include driving yourself there. Assign a designated driver, plan to order a cab or rideshare, take public transportation or stay overnight with your host if possible.

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