Allstate’s safest cities to drive in rain or snow list may surprise you!

Safest cities to drive -n Cars on roads - snow

The insurance company has released its America’s Best Drivers Report ranking the nation’s safest motorists.

It’s that time of year again, when Allstate releases its list of the safest cities to drive in inclement weather such as rain and snow. That said, many of the top performers on this year’s America’s Best Drivers Report have come as a surprise.

One state’s drivers showed exceptional performance, taking four of the top ten spots on the list.

The insurance company found that four of the top 10 safest cities to drive when the weather isn’t great. These stats are interesting particularly at this time of year as winter approaches. Moreover, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (N.O.A.A.) is predicting a wetter than average winter across the U.S. This will mean rainier weather in some areas and snowier weather in others.

This most recent America’s Best Drivers Report is the second part for 2018 and it ranked the top 200 largest cities in terms of its driver safety when participation is a part of the driving mix. This year, Texas managed to grab four of the top ten spots. In fact, Brownsville, Texas, was awarded the top spot for safe drivers, said the report. This is the second time the city has held the top position on this list, the last time having been two years ago. Last year, it took second place.

Though the report on the safest cities to drive doesn’t affect rates, it is interesting information for drivers.

“You may be surprised to know that even in warmer climates, winter weather can create dangerous driving conditions, making it more important than ever to be vigilant behind the wheel and aware of how rain and snow can impact roads,” said Allstate chief claims officer, Ken Rosen. He added that the insurance company publishes its America’s Best Drivers report every year in order to underscore the importance of safe driving as a community.

When the leaders in safe driving are celebrated, said Rosen, and by offering assistance to the cities that rank the lowest, the goal is to help Americans across the country to stay safe on the roads, particularly throughout the holiday season. This, said Rosen, will “ultimately help save lives.”

Safest cities to drive -n Cars on roads - snowThe precipitation ranking portion of the safest cities to drive report is an extension to the full America’s Best Drivers Report that was published back in August.

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