Florida PIP reform a point of contention amongst lawmakers, special session may be necessary

Insurance NewsThough Florida lawmakers have been working toward making changes to the state’s personal injury protection (PIP) insurance regulations, reform efforts have run into trouble. Legislators have been arguing over House Bill 119, which would have required accidents victims to be treated in emergency rooms rather than clinics. Since the bill gained resounding support earlier in the months, over a dozen amendments had been added one its way to the Senate. The amendments have been a source of chaos, as some legislators have expressed confusion regarding what the bill will actually accomplish with its new, seemingly conflicting provisions.

Governor Rick Scott made reform the Legislature’s top priority this session, but has been unable to persuade legislators to find a compromise. Lawmakers have, thus far, only been able to agree that the state needs to find a way to combat the rampant auto insurance fraud that has taken root. The Senate introduced its own bill that would reform the PIP system, but that too has been a point of contention amongst lawmakers. As the end to the current legislative session draws near, a special session may be necessary to help resolve the issue.

The current session is scheduled to end at the end of this week. A special session is already scheduled for next week concerning redistricting, but Governor Scott is likely to push the PIP issue into the limelight during this time.

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