Digital Insurance Inc. offers complimentary healthcare reform webinar

Insurance Agent EducationThe top employee benefits agency for speed of growth, Digital Insurance Inc., has sent out invitations for a free webinar that they have entitled “The Agency of the (Not So Distant) Future”, which will be held on Thursday, November 3, at 2 pm.

The chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Digital Insurance, Mike Sullivan, will be using the seminar to make a presentation of his vision of the successful agency of tomorrow, and to go over the type of knowledge and infrastructure that will be required in order to ensure that an agency will be successful throughout the period of healthcare reform.

Furthermore, the webinar will include an opportunity for having questions answered. Owners and managers of agencies can register using the Digital Insurance website

Sullivan explained that as a result of the changes to the healthcare marketplace that will likely be put into place by 2014, the health insurance business will undergo a number of broad structural changes. He added that since Digital Insurance isn’t linked to any traditional method of operation, “we have carved out a unique niche that positions the firm — and our partners — for a promising future.”

As a head in its sector of the insurance industry, Digital Insurance is leading the way by combining each of the necessary elements for the new innovations changing the industry. Sullivan stated that it assists the evolution of the industry by spreading the Digital Insurance vision.

The webinar is only one more element of a series of different programs aimed at the leaders of agencies that make up part of the offensive strategy of the insurer, which, according to Sullivan, is “compulsory for survival.”

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