School uses web-cast technology to help students enter the insurance industry

cyber insurance industry

Web-cast technology will be used to help students learn about the insurance industry and prepare them for licensing exams The Cyber Insurance School, an organization that offers educational resources concerning the insurance sector, has begun using web-cast technology to offer real-time resources to students and insurance professionals. Using this technology could be a boon for those interested in various types of insurance coverage. Using these resources, individuals could become more prepared for taking licensing exams, which will allow them to serve as insurance industry representatives. Cyber Insurance School continues to…

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Five Tips for Keeping Errors and Omissions Insurance Costs Down

Errors and Omissions Insurance

In our lawsuit-happy society, in which even the spillage of hot coffee can lead to a multi-million dollar settlement, virtually every business needs some form of errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. Also referred to as professional liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and, in the medical field, malpractice insurance, E&O insurance covers various types of businesses against the costs associated with civil lawsuits. The economy remains strained, however, and business executives want to know how they can minimize the cost of E&O insurance. In this article, we’ll look at five ways…

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Homeowners insurance reforms needed in Florida, says Governor

Insurance Industry Climate change

Gov. Scott and a panel of lawmakers have called for changes that will provide greater awareness. Governor Rick Scott, along with a number of lawmakers in Florida, have announced that they will be seeking to provide residents of the state with better education regarding the hidden costs linked with homeowners insurance and the “house of cards” that will collapse in the wake of a major storm. The governor spoke at a summit at Disney for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. He explained that solid efforts are required to make certain…

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Insurance Checkup campaign launches in Connecticut to help consumers understand their insurance policies

In an effort to raise consumer awareness of their insurance policies, the Connecticut Department of Insurance has launched a new campaign called “Insurance Checkup.” Many consumers understand what their insurance policies do and do not cover, but a significant number have no clue. This can lead to trouble when it times to file claims and policyholders meet with rejection because their policies do not cover a specific event. Insurance Commissioner Thomas Leonardi cites the disastrous 2011 as inspiration for the initiative. Last year, Connecticut residents fell victim to a number…

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Liberty Mutual Insurance rereleases webinar about worker compensation cost management through predictive modeling

Liberty Mutual Insurance has announced that they will be rereleasing a webinar for commercial insurance agents, brokers, and buyers, so that they can better comprehend the vital role played by predictive modeling in being able to best manage the total cost that stems from workers’ compensation claims. The insurer made the decision to rerelease the webinar following a large amount of demand and interest. Liberty Mutual has now placed the webinar on its website so that those who missed the December’s event when it was originally hosted, will be able…

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Digital Insurance Inc. offers complimentary healthcare reform webinar

The top employee benefits agency for speed of growth, Digital Insurance Inc., has sent out invitations for a free webinar that they have entitled “The Agency of the (Not So Distant) Future”, which will be held on Thursday, November 3, at 2 pm. The chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Digital Insurance, Mike Sullivan, will be using the seminar to make a presentation of his vision of the successful agency of tomorrow, and to go over the type of knowledge and infrastructure that will be required in order…

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Government shutdown halts licensing activity from Minnesota Department of Insurance

Following the closure of the government in Minnesota on July 1, 2011, the state’s Department of Insurance announced that its licensing activities would be disrupted. As of the start of July, the shutdown of the state government – which has now occurred twice in six years – has led to a cessation of construction, a closure of state parks, and to the sending home of 22,000 state employees. The Minnesota Department of Commerce is responsible for the regulation of insurance within that state. It sent out a letter to insurance…

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