Swinton Commercial helps its commercial customers to protect themselves against Halloween mischief

Commercial InsuranceAs the end of October approaches, so does Halloween, Mischief Night, and Guy Fawkes, meaning that businesses in the United Kingdom are taking extra efforts to protect themselves against any possible damage to their properties that can occur during this time.

 In this light, Swinton Commercial is recommending that businesses check their insurance policies and make certain that they are adequately covered against this type of problem. 

Previous years have seen damage to the doors, windows, and paintjobs on stores on Mischief Night, an annual tradition most common in the North of England when people play pranks on one another and cause mischief within their local areas.  Flour and eggs are common pranks, but when the two are combined, flooring, paintjobs, and vehicles can be damaged. 

Swinton Commercial offers business owners a selection of different low-cost insurance policies.  Among the most popular for covering this time of year include protection against cosmetic damages to properties such as harm brought to shop fronts as a result of mischief. 

The insurer also recommends that businesses that are decorating their properties or that are selling products or Halloween decorations should take particular care regarding the potential for damage, especially when candle lit pumpkins are included in the mix.  It is best to pay close attention to the risk of fire, which can be detrimental to a company. 

Additionally, the insurance company has advised landlord owners and restaurants to take out public liability insurance if they will be giving Bonfire Night fireworks displays.  This will cover them against claims made by individuals should the sparklers or fireworks result in any form of accidents.

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