Colon Cancer Awareness Month reminds individuals to obtain supplemental insurance quotes

The month of March, Colon Cancer Awareness Month…

is more than halfway over, but the American Cancer Society and other organizations are still urging everyone to take a moment to find out more about this disease, to practice proper early detection screening habits, and to make a donation to help improve research and care.

It is also a good time to have a look at your coverage and decide whether or not you would benefit from supplemental cancer insurance. Many are choosing to do so before the end of the month, within which time the Cancer Insurance Info website will be making a $1 donation to the American Cancer Society for every insurance quote it generates. This allows consumers to learn about the disease, make sure they’re covered, and have a donation made, all in a single simple effort.Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer insurance also has a three pronged effect to benefit policyholders: it ensures that tests and screenings for early detection are all covered; should a diagnosis occur, it fills in the gaps left by standard health insurance (such as deductibles, co-payments, limits, and annual and lifetime caps); and it can even provide cash benefits to help pay the monthly bills – such as rent, utilities, and grocery – at a time when you will more than likely need to leave work throughout your treatments.

Early detection is vital to ensuring the best odds of a full recovery from colon cancer. By purchasing cancer insurance, you will gain peace of mind knowing you have an extra layer of protection against the high out of pocket medical expenses that traditional health insurance does not cover. At such an upsetting time, this knowledge can give unparalleled and can ensure both medical and financial survival.


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