NY bill would require health insurance coverage for cancer biomarker testing

Health insurance - Cancer biomarker test

Lawmakers and cancer survivors came together in support of the New York legislation. Last week, New York lawmakers and cancer survivors gathered by the hundreds in Albany in support of legislation that would require health insurance companies to cover patient testing for cancer biomarkers. Insurers, however, have expressed their opposition to the bill for this new coverage requirement. Cancer Action Day at the New York state Capitol was focused on the mandate which would apply to Medicaid all health insurance policies providing major medical coverage. They would all be required…

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How to Handle Insurance After a Cancer Diagnosis

When you are faced with a cancer diagnosis, life suddenly becomes very simple and incredibly precious. All that truly matters is making it through the battle ahead and, in the end, defeating this unseen enemy for good. Unfortunately, the practical necessities of life don’t just dissipate when cancer rears its ugly head. There are still matters of daily living to attend to, and that includes ensuring that you have the financial resources on hand to fund your treatment while protecting your family from hardship.  More often than not, this will…

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Health insurance fights a better battle against cancer

Cancer insurance health plan

Researchers have discovered that young people who are covered are receiving earlier diagnoses. According to the results of a study by the American Cancer Society, young people who do not have health insurance are up to two times more likely to receive a diagnosis of cancer that is in its later stages than their covered peers. Early detection is the most important factor in improving the chances of cancer survival. The American Cancer Society’s study included the data from approximately 260,000 Americans between the ages of 15 and 39, who…

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Women without health insurance receive fewer cancer screenings

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Those who don’t have coverage are also less likely to be up to date with their checkups. The findings of a recent study have shown that individuals who don’t have health insurance and//or who live in rural areas have a lower likelihood of keeping their routine health checkups up to date and to receive the cancer screenings that are recommended for someone within their age or risk group. Screening for cancers has been an issue of significant controversy and debate over the last few years. Even by the standards of…

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Colon Cancer Awareness Month reminds individuals to obtain supplemental insurance quotes

The month of March, Colon Cancer Awareness Month… is more than halfway over, but the American Cancer Society and other organizations are still urging everyone to take a moment to find out more about this disease, to practice proper early detection screening habits, and to make a donation to help improve research and care. It is also a good time to have a look at your coverage and decide whether or not you would benefit from supplemental cancer insurance. Many are choosing to do so before the end of the…

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