Car Insurance Shopping: Five Things You Must Compare

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car insuranceWhat you need to know when shopping for car insurance…

Shopping for car insurance can be intimidating simply because there are so many car insurance companies to choose from. To help you determine which car insurance company offers the best premiums to meet your needs, there are five things you must compare between insurance companies including stability, customer service and claim handling, roadside response and repair, policy flexibility and any benefits or discounts offered to consumers as part of an insurance policy.


An important deciding factor in the type of car insurance you should choose is the stability of the auto insurance company you are considering. Car insurance companies that have a reliable, long history are more likely to provide better service to their consumers. This is true for a variety of reasons. One, car insurance companies don’t build a long, reliable history by providing horrible customer service. It is also important to consider the financial history of a car insurance company. Companies with a strong financial history have the monetary ability to pay car insurance claims. On the other hand, car insurance companies with a poor financial history can be less likely to cover expensive insurance claims, and these companies may try to cut corners at a driver’s expense.

Customer Service and Claim Handling

Consumers should choose a car insurance company that has a history of responding to car insurance claims in a timely manner. This means that insurance adjusters will make sure any insurance claims are handled competently and in an efficient manner.

Roadside Response and Repair

The majority of car accidents that drivers face require their car to be towed. Usually, when the car is towed, it will need extensive repair to make it drivable. When this happens, insured drivers need an auto insurance company that offers them a quick tow and car rental options to cover the time their damaged car is in the shop. In addition to a tow and rental options, the insurance company’s employees should provide quick and efficient claims for insured drivers.

Insurance Policy Flexibility

The same way that every car is not ideal for every driver, car insurance companies need to account for different drivers’ needs by offering policy flexibility. To do this successfully, you should choose a car insurance company that offers affordable coverage that meets your needs.

Benefits and Discounts

To accommodate drivers, auto insurance companies should offer consumers benefits and discounts to earn their business. Examples of car insurance benefits and discounts that you should look for when comparing automobile insurance policies include accident forgiveness and 24-hour accessibility. In addition to those discounts, drivers with clean driving records, students with excellent grades and those seeking policies for multiple drivers should look for an auto insurance company that offers significant discounts for those particular situations.

To make choosing car insurance simpler and easier, you need to compare the five items mentioned above. The best car insurance company for your needs will be the company that rates the highest in these categories according to your driving needs, and the needs of other drivers on your policy.

Dennis Gilroy is an insurance agent who blogs in his spare time. Making sure his readers have the best information to make good decisions is important to him.

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