Brooke Shields places life insurance value into the spotlight

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The actress has partnered with Life Happens to spread awareness about coverage accessibility.

Last month, Brooke Shields used a partnership with Life Happens to draw attention to life insurance value and accessibility.

Last month was life insurance awareness month and this partnership played a central role.

Shields partnered with the non-profit to help push forward the message of life insurance value and accessibility. It was a very direct message: that every family can and should buy coverage to ensure their loved ones are protected if the worst should happen. Death, on its own, is expensive. That said, if the deceased has dependents, then they are left in need if a main financial contributor is no longer able to provide.

Shields feels that being a mother is her most important role, even though she is also an actress, clothing designer, author and businesswoman. As a mother, she feels that it is her obligation to have life insurance. In fact, she purchased a policy even before she married because she knew she planned to have children and it was important to have these protections in place even before they were born.

Shields wasn’t taught about life insurance value or financial security while growing up.

Shields explained that finance and life insurance value was not a focus when she was growing up. Her mother never discussed these topics directly with her. That said, Shields did grow up with an understanding of how important it is not to have to depend on someone else to survive in life. This mindset served her well throughout her life as she made a priority of protecting herself financially and of being independent.

The actress’s business manager helped her to understand the finer financial details once she started working regularly. Through her manager, she learned how much she must earn and how much she needed to put in savings. This breakdown of financial basics made them far more accessible to her, so she was no longer intimidated by them.

“This is exactly what Life Happens is doing for people who don’t have a financial advisor or a team – they are providing tools and education to make life insurance accessible to all. And education and knowledge is always such a powerful position to be in,” said Shields. She spent September spreading the word about life insurance value and Life insurance value - Brooke Shields - Life Happens - YouTubefinancial accessibility to help other people to gain a similar understanding so they can effectively do their own financial planning.

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