Brooke Shields places life insurance value into the spotlight

Life insurance value - Brooke Shields - Life Happens - YouTube

The actress has partnered with Life Happens to spread awareness about coverage accessibility. Last month, Brooke Shields used a partnership with Life Happens to draw attention to life insurance value and accessibility. Last month was life insurance awareness month and this partnership played a central role. Shields partnered with the non-profit to help push forward the message of life insurance value and accessibility. It was a very direct message: that every family can and should buy coverage to ensure their loved ones are protected if the worst should happen. Death,…

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Allstate recognizes Life Insurance Awareness Month with reminder to consumers

Allstate insurance technology

The insurance company has used September to underscore the financial security benefits of the coverage. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and Allstate has recognized it by spreading the word. The insurer has been sharing information about the ways in which this type of policy can boost a family’s financial security. There are two primary ways upon which Allstate has been focusing to take advantage of life insurance benefits. The first is the central component of Life Insurance Awareness Month: buying a policy. That said, it recommends purchasing a policy…

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Life Insurance Awareness Month is working to build its success this year

Life Insurance Awareness Month

September 2012 is aiming to draw significant attention to this financial planning tool. This month represents the ninth anniversary of September as the official Life Insurance Awareness Month, in which the industry works to draw attention to the many benefits of this coverage for consumers and their families. The current economy has been a prime illustrator of how shaky a family’s financial situation can be. A recent study quoted by LIMRA has shown that Americans are experiencing growing concerns with their ability to make their bills, rent, and mortgage payments…

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Americans with life insurance feel their beneficiaries are capable of making a claim

The results of a survey by Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. has shown that 70 percent of policyholders of life insurance feel confident that the beneficiaries of the coverage would be capable of filing the claim when the time comes, and that the majority of those policyholders have made an effort to assist in the necessary preparation. The survey’s outcomes were released for Life Insurance Awareness Month, which is September. According to Nationwide Financial’s senior vice president of Individual Protection, Peter Golato, families can obtain financial security and stability from life…

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Life Insurance Awareness Month: LIFE Foundation may have trouble convincing consumers life insurance is worthwhile

September is Life Insurance Awareness month and many insurers have been launching campaigns to attract new clients. Many people often put life insurance in the back of their mind because the issue of death is both sensitive and uncomfortable. Because of the unsettling nature of the subject, a great number of people go without life insurance, justifying their decision with the intention of getting coverage in their latter years. Accidents, however, are unpredictable and life itself is notoriously fickle. Given that life can come to a sudden, unavoidable halt at…

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Insurers remind consumers of Life Insurance Awareness Month in September

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and insurers such as Northwestern Mutual, which has been named the Fortune magazine “World’s Most Admired” life insurance company for 2011, is witnessing a growth in the interest consumers have for their long term protection, as the insurer reminds people across the United States about the importance of life insurance to planning financial security. According to the vice president of life products at Northwestern Mutual, Dave Simbro, “Life Insurance Awareness Month is a great reminder for everyone to consider their life insurance needs”. He…

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