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You HAVE to own auto insurance coverage. It’s the law.

But, it’s not in the law books you have to pay a ton for your plan. Just because you have to have a policy doesn’t mean you have to pay a ton for your coverage.

Every carrier and policyholder is different. Some carriers are better prepared for some situations than others. You need a carry which partners up with

Motorcycle Coverage – Progressive

Motorcycles are a whole different beast when it comes to auto insurance. They have different requirements and protection.

More and more companies are beginning to offer tailored plans specifically for motorcycle drivers. While there are a lot of options, Progressive tends to be number one.

They have crafted their motorcycle plan to make it perfect for most applicants.

Progressive doesn’t just cover your standard motorcycle insurance, they also provide protection for vintage, custom bikes, and trikes. Most companies don’t offer this insurance.

In addition to providing more types of motorcycle coverage, they also offer more parts and riders. If you want to get the most possible protection for your two-wheeled investment, Progressive is an excellent option.

One of the things which makes Progressive stand out is all the added benefits they offer at no cost.

For example, if you get a Progressive motorcycle plan, you’ll get small and large accident forgiveness.  You also get full replacement without depreciation for your bike. If you’re ever involved in an accident, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Multi-Car/Additional Coverage – Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has plenty of discounts you can enjoy, but even without qualifying for the discounts, you can enjoy cheaper rates on your insurance plan. When you have several vehicles on your policy, you’ll see Liberty Mutual is a hundred dollars cheaper than the closest competitor.

They offer a lot of unique kinds of plans you won’t find with most other companies. If you want to take advantage of some of the discounts they offer, like a teacher discount, a hybrid vehicle discount, or more.

Like a lot of big-name companies, Liberty Mutual has a tracking system which can net you some big savings. Liberty Mutual’s RightTrack program can lower your premiums by up to 30%. All you have to do is plug in the small device, drive safely, and after a month then you’ll start seeing the savings. The device is going to look for speeding, breaking too fast, or accelerating too quickly.

Best Pay-by-Mile Coverage – MetroMile

As people change their driver habits, insurance companies are altering the way they offer car insurance coverage. Carriers are wanting to allow their customers to build their own plans to meet their needs.

There are some companies who have COMPLETELY changed the way they sell auto insurance. Instead of selling pre-made auto insurance plans, they are allowing policyholders to pay for car insurance, but only as they need it.

One of the . Here is how it works.

You go to their site, you can get an auto insurance quote in less than 5 minutes. The quote will give you a base rate of how much you’ll pay every month. This number isn’t going to change.

After you’ve signed all the papers and made everything official, they are going to send you a small tracking device.

After the flat fee, you’re going to pay per every mile you drive in the month. It’s going to cost you $0.06 for every file. At the end of the month, you’ll pay for those miles.

Depending on how much you drive every month, it could end up as some serious savings. These companies are targeting policyholders who have short commutes to work, or don’t do a lot of driving.

Just like every other company, you can choose your deductible amount and you’ll have legal auto insurance coverage for your car.

High-Risk Drivers – GEICO Auto Insurance

If you’ve had a lot of accidents or speeding tickets, then you’re going to be considered a “high-risk” driver. The more risk you are, the more you’re going to pay for coverage.

In fact, if you’re too high or a risk, a lot of companies are going to decline for your protection.

Fortunately, there are some carriers who to people who have a history of speeding or a lot of accidents.

One of those carriers is GEICO, and they have special rating systems for people who have less than perfect driving records. Not only will they give you coverage, but they will offer you plans you can afford. Auto insurance companies

Best Auto Insurance Company

Shopping for auto insurance isn’t simple. In fact, it’s extremely confusing and a difficult decision.

Hopefully, one of the companies above is going to work well for you. If not, you’re not out of luck. There are still hundreds of options available.

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