8 Office Wall Decor Ideas to Keep Your Team Motivated

Empty white office walls are not very inspiring, but it is a reality of the workplace habitat of many offices. A workplace where there is an unappealing environment and a dull atmosphere keeps employee’s highly dissatisfied

If the office interior design is good, it will have a significant influence on employee performance. It will also lead to the overall performance of the company. The colors of the walls, comfortable office furniture, and other aspects significantly impact working. 

So, make sure that your office décor creates a great impression. You can not add much on the surface area in offices, but you can do a lot on vertical space. Here are some office wall décor ideas to keep your team motivated:

Wall Art

office wall art


Most companies have striking office wall art produced by local artists of the community. These wall art pieces make the fantastic aesthetics of a company. Moreover, it also helps to promote the local arts community.

However, before hanging the art pieces, one must be careful in picking them. The artwork for an office setting should be relevant to the company. You should hire an artist if you feel that his/her art gels well with your company’s brand.

Make your Company’s Mission Statement Visible on the Walls

The office decorations of any company should speak about the company itself. It should reflect what the company stands for. So, create an enlarged picture of your company’s mission statement and hang it in a common area. 

Try to turn this vision statement attractive. Then, whenever employees see the company’s mission on walls, it will drive them to achieve more.calming office wall art


Achievements on Floating Shelves

One of the best ways to decorate office walls is to display the achievements of the team and company on the floating shelves. You can display achievements such as trophies, framed certificates, or shields on these shelves. 

It is an excellent way to use vertical space and motivate employees to work hard. In addition, it will give a glimpse to employees of how far they have come.wall art for office common spaceElephantStock


Beyond the cool factor of dark charcoal walls, you can use charcoal walls practically to keep a running list of goals, sales, etc. You can use them to explain your point during meetings too. It is an easy and affordable way of office décor.

Spice of Variety

Combine different frame styles of photos of company’s events and employees and create a unique display for the office wall. It is an excellent way to blend various clipboards and hanging pockets.

Displaying different images showing the growth of the company and its employees. You can use various sizes and style photos. If you hang the pieces in a circular shape, it will help you tie them together for a cohesive presentation.waiting room art


Put Mirrors Up

Mirrors are one of the best ways to change the office’s look completely. They make the office look more refined and professional. They make your space look bigger and more inviting.

Geographic Map

Pick a wall-sized world map from National Geographic that serves as a gateway to other countries. The geographic map can cover the whole world on canvas and cover the entire wall of your office.

You can dot with colorful pins to mark different branch locations of your company. It is a unique but exciting way to decorate the office walls and show what the company has achieved.travel office art


Add a Bookshelf

If your company likes to keep employee’s education ahead in the competition, stock useful books on a bookshelf in a shared room. It encourages creative thinking and learning in a common area in the office.attorney office wall art


Another option to enhance your office decor might be this service: https://www.prints4sure.com/. They have a range of custom wall art offerings, family photo tiles and personalized designs, which could add a unique and dynamic touch to your workspace. Images of the staff and family helps clients feel closer to the people at your business by providing clarity and trust – which is always helpful. 

In conclusion, transforming your office space into a stimulating and engaging environment is crucial for not only the productivity but also the overall satisfaction of your employees. By incorporating local art, displaying the company’s mission statement prominently, celebrating achievements, utilizing functional decor like chalkboards, adding variety with photo displays, enhancing space with mirrors, showcasing company reach with a geographic map, and promoting learning with a stocked bookshelf, you can effectively utilize wall decor to create an inspiring workspace.

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