Speciality lines formed by insurance company merger

Insurance NewsTwo insurance companies have joined together to provide a custom tailored specialized insurance program covering for-profit emergency and non-emergency medical transportation companies. National Interstate Insurance Company, a market leader in transportation insurance, is working with McNeil & Company, a leader in insurance programs and risk management for emergency service organizations.

National Interstate began over twenty years ago, providing (primarily) large fleet operators with transportation insurance. They now offer over 30 specialty products and options to commercial companies as well as several personal lines for specialty vehicle owners.

National Interstate offers their niche products to buyers in the transportation industry, servicing their unique needs. They have a solid reputation for outstanding claim handling and highly rated customer service with experienced professionals and underwriting expertise. 

McNeil & Company was formed in New York in 1989. They have been providing insurance and risk management services to emergency service organizations through their “Emergency Service Insurance Program” (ESIP) for 21 years. During their continuing growth, they have added additional programs for fire equipment distributors, home medical equipment dealers and professional wildland fire fighting companies, to name a few.

When McNeil & Company decided to enhance and expand their Ambulance Services Insurance Program (ASIP), they looked at National Interstate. National Interstate is a leading provider in offering transportation insurance. With their experience, and exceptional reputation in customer service; they are a natural fit.    

ASIP is a specialized insurance program that was designed for best-in-class for-profit, medical transportation companies; both emergency and non-emergency. The program offers an all-inclusive coverage package with extensive loss control services and excellent claims management services.

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