Homeowners insurance leaders identified by Consumer Reports

homeowners insurance

The price of coverage is continuing to rise, while coverage grows ever smaller. According to Consumer Reports, the premiums for homeowners insurance are on the rise, showing no indication of stopping in the near future, but at the same time, the coverage being offered is maintaining its slow degradation. Many people are wondering how protected they will be if disaster actually strikes. The Consumer Reports data says that there is a notable discrepancy between the coverage that an insurer provides and what consumers are expecting from their homeowners insurance. However,…

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Satmetrix benchmark study reveals loyalty leaders in American insurance industry

Net Promoter software company, Satmetrix, which is the customer experience program marketplace leader, has released its 2012 Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks for 22 different industries, including the insurance sector. As a whole, the study was broader than it has been in previous years, involving the participation of over 30,000 American consumers who provided their rating feedback about over 200 brands across the various industries. The benchmarks that it creates are based upon the survey responses from consumers across the United States who rated their various experiences with the top brands…

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California insurer announces rate reduction

In a time when most insurance companies are raising rates on their property coverage, USAA is lowering theirs. Policyholders in California will see their rates drop an average of 15%. The rate change has been approved by the California Department of Insurance and is being lauded as a move to ease the financial burden of individuals and families struggling with a troublesome economy. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones was particularly elated at the news as he has spent the better part of this year battling the state’s insurers regarding proposed rate…

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