Michigan drivers can now show proof of auto insurance with their mobile devices

electronic proof of auto insurance

New law allows drivers to show proof of insurance with a smartphone or tablet New law in Michigan will allow drivers to show their proof of auto insurance to law enforcement officers with their smartphones or tablets. The legislation was signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder in October of 2015, but the law only took effect on January 5 of this year. The law is expected to provide drivers with more flexibility in proving that they have the necessary auto insurance coverage when they are pulled over by law…

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Progressive to launch new app to help drivers save money on auto insurance

usage based insurance dashboard

New app will work in tandem with insurer’s Snapshot program Progressive Insurance has begun developing a new pilot mobile application that may allow drivers to earn discounts on their auto insurance coverage. The insurer has chosen Censio to develop the software for the new mobile application, which will be based on Progressive’s usage-based insurance program, called Snapshot. This type of insurance coverage is becoming more popular among consumers, especially as they look for ways to save money on the coverage they have. Usage-based auto insurance continues to attract more interest…

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Mobile apps could disrupt the auto insurance market

auto insurance uber

Google and Apple may become market disrupters by supporting mobile applications Both Google and Apple may soon become disrupters in the auto insurance market. A growing number of insurers are beginning to use telematics to offer new, usage-based policies that are popular among consumers. These companies are using relatively expensive devices to monitor the driving habits of policyholders and this information is being used to determine the cost of an actual insurance policy. Mobile application may soon become a powerful tool in helping insurers cut the upfront costs associated with…

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Insurance industry struggles to embrace mobile technology

apps iphone mobile technology

Lackluster mobile apps may be a major problem for insurance companies Capgemini, a leading consulting firm, has released a new report highlighting the insurance industry’s somewhat complicated relationship with mobile technology. For the past several years, insurance companies have been working to engage consumers through the use of social media, the Internet in general, and mobile applications. Some have found success, but success has been quite elusive for many others. One of the problems that insurers are facing currently has to do with the quality of the mobile applications they…

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Insurance technology is taking a step toward becoming more personable

insurance technology

Insurers are beginning to focus on the world of mobile applications Insurance companies are beginning to look to technology in order to help them connect with consumers. While many insurers have turned to social media in order to increase their engagement, having a presence on sites like Twitter and Facebook is no longer considered adequate. As such, many companies have begun to develop and release their own mobile applications in order to appeal more effectively to consumers that are becoming heavily reliant on smartphones and tablets. Apps may be able…

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Key Lime Interactive study names State Farm as insurer with best mobile site

A study performed by Key Lime Interactive (KLI), an independent business with a specialty in user experience and testing, has named State farm as the top auto insurance provider in terms of its mobile customer experience. The research team at KLI collected consumer feedback regarding the types of elements they want to see in a mobile app and which ones they feel are the most important. The respondents indicated that they wanted to be able to see detailed information about their policies, pay a bill, and enter information relating to…

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