Progressive to launch new app to help drivers save money on auto insurance

usage based insurance dashboard

New app will work in tandem with insurer’s Snapshot program

Progressive Insurance has begun developing a new pilot mobile application that may allow drivers to earn discounts on their auto insurance coverage. The insurer has chosen Censio to develop the software for the new mobile application, which will be based on Progressive’s usage-based insurance program, called Snapshot. This type of insurance coverage is becoming more popular among consumers, especially as they look for ways to save money on the coverage they have.

Usage-based auto insurance continues to attract more interest from drivers

Usage-based auto insurance makes use of telematic technology, which tracks information concerning how a vehicle is operated and how long the vehicle is in operation. This information is then used to price insurance coverage, with those using their vehicles for shorter periods of time and driving safely having to pay less for their coverage. The new mobile application will provide those with such policies a way to track their driving data in real time.

App will provide drivers with personalized data concerning their driving habits

usage based insurance dashboardThe application will provide access to a variety of information, such as how long a vehicle has been in operation, the mileage, and instances of hard braking. Using the application, drivers may be able to tune the way they operate a vehicle in order to obtain discounts. The application will actively help drivers improve their scores on the Snapshot program by providing them with tailored driving tips at the end of a trip.

Drivers are becoming more tech-savvy and willing to use mobile apps to save money on their auto insurance coverage

Progressive notes that drivers today are more tech-savvy than they were in the past. As such, they are more willing to use mobile applications to improve their driving habits. Consumers have also expressed interest in using applications and other such tools to gain discounts on their auto insurance coverage. This is particularly common among those with usage-based insurance coverage, which is becoming more common among consumers that want to save money on their coverage.

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