Michigan drivers can now show proof of auto insurance with their mobile devices

electronic proof of auto insurance

New law allows drivers to show proof of insurance with a smartphone or tablet

New law in Michigan will allow drivers to show their proof of auto insurance to law enforcement officers with their smartphones or tablets. The legislation was signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder in October of 2015, but the law only took effect on January 5 of this year. The law is expected to provide drivers with more flexibility in proving that they have the necessary auto insurance coverage when they are pulled over by law enforcement officials.

Electronic proof of insurance may be quite convenient for consumers

The Michigan State Police notes that providing proof of insurance through a mobile device may be more convenient for drivers and officers. Many people have mobile devices and rely on their smartphones and tablets to conduct their daily lives. As such, they typically have their mobile devices on hand, making it easy to access auto insurance information. A growing number of insurance companies are offering mobile-centric services in order to provide more convenience to consumers.

Officers will not be able to access private information when viewing proof of auto insurance

electronic proof of auto insurancePer the legislation, law enforcement officers will not be able to access any other information through a consumer’s mobile device while they are viewing proof of auto insurance coverage. This is meant to ensure the security of private information. Applications that allow drivers to show electronic proof of insurance coverage typically require some sort of data connection, which could be a costly issue for some consumers with limited data plans. Officers suggest that a picture of a driver’s proof of insurance could be an adequate solution to this specific problem.

Insurers are becoming increasingly conscious of mobile technology

The legislation is meant to help modernize the Michigan government. The state has been taking steps to ensure that it is more accommodating of modern technology, which has come to play a major role in the lives of its residents. The auto insurance industry has also begun to modernize itself more aggressively, especially in regards to mobile technology, which could become a very valuable tool to insurers in the future.

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