Auto insurance premiums expected to rise in Michigan

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Some 2 million drivers throughout the state may see higher rates Drivers in Michigan are likely to see higher auto insurance premiums this year. Some 2 million people could see a $40-a-year increase, unless a tax credit that benefits insurers is repealed. Governor Rick Snyder has proposed repealing the tax credit as part of his 2016-2017 budget proposal. Doing so would secure more funding for the state’s general fund and may be able to ensure that drivers do not pay higher rates for their coverage. Insurers are being reimbursed for…

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Michigan drivers can now show proof of auto insurance with their mobile devices

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New law allows drivers to show proof of insurance with a smartphone or tablet New law in Michigan will allow drivers to show their proof of auto insurance to law enforcement officers with their smartphones or tablets. The legislation was signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder in October of 2015, but the law only took effect on January 5 of this year. The law is expected to provide drivers with more flexibility in proving that they have the necessary auto insurance coverage when they are pulled over by law…

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Michigan drivers can soon show proof of auto insurance with their phones

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Governor Snyder signs legislation to make showing proof of insurance more convenient Drivers in Michigan will soon be able to show proof of their auto insurance coverage using only their smartphones. Governor Rick Snyder has signed new legislation that makes this possible, noting that the goal of the legislation is to make everyday life easier for consumers that operate vehicles. The law itself is set to go into effect in three months. Before then, consumers will still need to provide physical proof of their auto insurance coverage. Officers will be…

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Health insurance exchanges may be at risk in some states

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Supreme Court ruling could have a major impact on health insurance coverage Lawmakers in several states are working on ways to ensure that people will keep their health insurance pending a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. The court is expected to deliver a ruling on whether or not the federal government can provide subsidies for coverage offered through federal insurance exchanges. The ruling is likely to be delivered in the summer, and it could have a major impact on the availability of insurance coverage for millions of people. Michigan…

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Michigan health insurance exchange may be passed to federal government

Health insurance deadline

Michigan struggles with building an exchange program Michigan has been grappling with setting up its own health insurance exchange. The state is required to build an exchange by federal law. The Michigan health insurance exchange would provide residents with access to affordable insurance coverage and would likely create more competition in the state’s insurance industry. Governor Rick Snyder has announced that the state may petition the federal government to take over the effort and run the exchange itself. This would mean that the Michigan health insurance exchange would not actually…

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Michigan may team with federal government for a health insurance exchange

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State may not be able to meet the standards imposed by health care law Michigan may team with the federal government to build a health insurance exchange. Governor Rick Snyder, along with state legislators, has proposed the idea, noting that it may be the only way for an insurance exchange to take root in the state. Earlier this year, the state received $9.8 million from the Department of Health and Human Services in order to build an exchange program. The money has since been tied up in political battles between…

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Michigan lawmakers make changes to state’s unemployment insurance system

Several legislations were passed by the Michigan Legislature this week. Many of these legislations held provisions that will make deeper cuts to the state’s unemployment insurance system, if signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder. The state’s unemployment insurance system has already seen changes earlier in the year, when lawmakers passed new legislations that limited the maximum benefits people could receive. These new changes will have a profound impact on how benefits are calculated for residents and will change who is eligible to receive these benefits. The legislations aim to…

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