Insurance industry struggles to embrace mobile technology

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Lackluster mobile apps may be a major problem for insurance companies

apps iphone mobile technologyCapgemini, a leading consulting firm, has released a new report highlighting the insurance industry’s somewhat complicated relationship with mobile technology. For the past several years, insurance companies have been working to engage consumers through the use of social media, the Internet in general, and mobile applications. Some have found success, but success has been quite elusive for many others. One of the problems that insurers are facing currently has to do with the quality of the mobile applications they are making available to consumers. Insurance agents are also finding these applications to be lackluster.

Consumers have problems with majority of insurance applications

Self-service applications that handle insurance quotes, policy renewals, and claims are in high demand among consumers, but insurers are finding it difficult to produce apps that are considered high quality. Many of the apps that come from insurance companies are difficult for consumers to use. The report from Capgemini notes that many applications coming from insurers are not efficient enough to accommodate consumers’ need for service, which is leading to a high level of dissatisfaction among policy holders.

Apps are somewhat better for agents, but agents are having trouble using them to connect with consumers

For agents, mobile applications serve as ways to engage existing and potential customers while also functioning as a connection to their insurance company. Agents typically report more satisfaction with their applications, but complaints coming from consumers are also quite apparent. Lackluster applications are serving as a hindrance for some insurance agents that are trying to engage mobile consumers more dynamically.

Insurance industry is feeling the need to embrace mobile technology more effectively

Compared to the long history of the insurance industry, mobile technology is still relatively new. Insurance companies are working to become savvier when it comes to smartphones and tablets, but this has proven to be a difficult task. Consumers are relying on their mobile devices more and more, which has placed pressure on the insurance industry to adapt more quickly and produce better applications that provide more comprehensive and efficient services.

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