Are State Farm Rate Hikes Justified? What California Faces Without Them

State Farm California Property Insurance Increases Is it Justified

Is the State at the Mercy of Its Largest Property Casualty Company? The insurance industry in California has recently been shaken by the news that State Farm, one of the nation’s largest insurers, may pull out of the state and non-renew existing policies if they don’t get what they want. This potential move has sparked widespread concern among consumers and industry experts alike. What would be the consequences if State Farm were to follow through with this decision? And is the company justified in requesting significant rate increases given California’s…

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State Farm is keeping some California home insurance customers after all

Home Insurance California covered by State Farm

Still, the coverage that they will be receiving won’t be the same as what they’re used to State Farm has announced that it will be making it possible for some California home insurance customers to renew their policies, after having previously announced that it would no longer be selling or renewing property coverage in the state. That said, there is an important change to the coverage it will be providing While this does mean that homeowners will be able to keep their home insurance coverage, they should be aware that…

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State Farm Reverses California Policy Non-Renewals – With a Catch

State Farm - Home Insurance Reversal

State Farm, the largest insurance carrier in California, has announced a significant reversal of its earlier decision to not renew over 70,000 policies in the state, including 30,000 home insurance policies. This change comes after the company initially cited increasing wildfire risks as the primary reason for its decision back in March. However, the company’s renewed commitment comes with a notable caveat that is bound to impact policyholders significantly. State Farm Reversal and The Catch According to a statement from Sevag Sarkissian, State Farm’s California spokesperson, while the company will…

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North Carolina property owners to see dwelling insurance rate spike by 8 percent

Dwelling Insurance - North Carolina - 8 percent increase

Commissioner Mike Causey announced the average rate increase across the state. North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey has announced that following negotiations with the dwelling insurance market, there will be an average 8 percent rate increase across the state. The increase is substantially lower than what was requested The North Carolina Rate Bureau had been seeking an average increase to dwelling insurance rates of 50.6 percent.  That means that following negotiations, it was reduced by 42.6 percent to arrive at the average that will be implemented in the state. This…

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Warren Buffett thinks cyber insurance market could see “huge losses”

Cyber insurance - Losses

Berkshire Hathaway and its head see a chance that this market will experience struggles Berkshire Hathaway recently held its annual shareholder meeting in Omaha, and there, top exec Warren Buffett and top insurance exec Ajit Jain said that cyber insurance is too risky for the company. That particular market is currently quite profitable At the meeting, Jain underscored that while cyber insurance is profitable at the moment and has become “a very fashionable product,” the risks associated with investing in it are quite high.  He said that to date for…

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