Idaho makes changes to its health insurance exchange

Idaho health insurance

State health insurance exchange has been improved to better serve consumers The Idaho health insurance exchange, called Your Health Idaho, is expected to be prepared for business on November 1, when the next open enrollment period begins. The state has been working to reprogram the infrastructure of the exchange, introducing various tweaks and new features that are expected to improve the exchange shopping experience. The exchange has been working to test the changes that have been made for several months in order to ensure that the insurance exchange will be…

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US may miss targets for health insurance exchange enrollment

Health Insurance Expense

Government projections may be too ambitious Last year, the Obama administration declared the Affordable Care Act a success, as it had expanded the availability of health insurance coverage to some 8 million people throughout the United States. These people were able to find coverage through insurance exchanges, through which several private companies offered policies. Consumers also had access to subsidies from the federal government, which have made health insurance more affordable for many people. The success of insurance exchanges lead federal officials to believe that many more people would sign…

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Estimated 10 million people expected to enroll in health insurance exchanges by the end of the year

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HHS predicts that many more people will enroll in state-based insurance exchanges by the end of this year The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services expects that some 10 million people will enroll for health insurance coverage through state-based exchanges by the end of this year. More than one-quarter of those without insurance in the country are expected to sign up for policies that suit their needs during the upcoming open enrollment period. The enrollment period is scheduled to begin on November 1, running through January 31, 2016. 8.8…

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Insurance co-op in Oregon shutting down

Oregon Health Insurance technology

The state is losing a cooperative from its 2016 marketplace, as it has started a “wind down of business”. An Oregon insurance co-op is now stepping out of the state’s health plan market for next year as it has entered into a “wind down of business”, claiming that the recent announcement from the government that it will honor only 12.6 percent of the risk corridor payment of insurers is to blame. This withdrawal of the co-op will mean that there will be 15,000 members in the state without coverage. The…

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Government to improve its health insurance gateway

Health Insurance exchange marketplaces will be receiving promising upgrades The U.S. government is looking to improve its health insurance gateway,, ahead of the beginning of the next open enrollment period in November. The upgrades are expected to improve the services that the site provides to consumers, making it easier to enroll in health insurance plans. In the past, has failed to successfully enroll consumers, making it difficult for them to find the coverage that they need. The government has brought many improvements to the site over the years, but the latest…

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Look out, health insurance marketplace, here comes Google

google health insurance

The tech giant has now announced that it has made a massive investment into a coverage startup. Last week, Google announced that it had made an investment of $32.5 million into Oscar Health Insurance Corp, which is a startup that has been drawing considerable interest as its angle could disrupt the traditional form of coverage and could shake up the power of the market leaders in the U.S., such as Anthem and UnitedHealth Group. The current valuation that the deal brings to Oscar has been calculated to be at $1.75…

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Health insurance exchanges serve as effective safety net

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Federal data shows that consumers can find coverage through exchanges if they have lost their insurance Health insurance exchanges in the United States are performing well as a safety net for those that lose their coverage. The federal government has released data concerning how exchanges operate as a safety net, which is something that is often overlooked by those involved in the insurance sector. These exchanges were meant to expand the availability of insurance coverage to millions of consumers, but they have also managed to ensure that people have a…

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